Saturday, October 1, 2005

Packaging Microsoft Project 2000

If you're reading this post you're probably responsible for packaging Microsoft Project 2000. Or you are from the future year 2020 and some legacy ERP software still requires it.

Here are the command line arguments for the Microsoft Project 2000 wgsetup.exe tool.

Command lines for Microsoft Project 2000 Message Handling Tools/Workgroup Tools

Usage: wgsetup.exe [/A] [/G filename] [/Q[0|1|T]] [/R] [/U[A]] [/X filename] [/Y]

/A Administrator Mode
/G filename Generate logfile of installation activity
/Q[0|1|T] Quiet install mode (0 shows exit, 1 hides exit, T hides all display)
/QN[0|1|T] Quiet install mode with reboot suppressed
/R Reinstall the application
/U[A] Uninstall the application but leave shared components (/UA to remove all)
/X filename Set Network Log Location for tracking install instnaces
/Y Install without copying files

So, if you want an unattended silent install, try

silent installation: wgsetup.exe -QNT
uninstallation: wgsetup.exe -UA

Uninstallation cannot be completely unattended through the wgsetup.exe command. An OK button needs to be pressed, either by a user or through a VBScript.