Monday, March 18, 2019

Drawing economics graphs on macOS with GraphSketcher (for free!)

If you're an economics student with a Mac, there's one tool you need for graphing success: GraphSketcher. This is a free and open source tool that was originally designed by The Omni Group (the team behind OmniGraffle).

Download: GraphSketcher for Mac

  • Don't use the graphing function in Microsoft Excel. You'll spend too much time trying to create the "correct" source data to generate the curves.
  • Don't use Photoshop. You'll spend too much time messing around with layers.

Here's a few of the simpler graphs I've made with GraphSketcher.
Aggregate expenditure/Output approach graph
Consumption Schedule graph
Investment demand curve with shifts graph
Investment demand curve graph
Net Exports schedule graph
Increases in price level graph
Inflationary gap graph
Built-in stability graph