Thursday, April 20, 2017

25 essential mobile apps for Dubai

These are the Dubai mobile apps I have on my phone. If you're new to Dubai, I hope this helps. You'll need a local phone number before you can use them.

(Updated 2021).

The essential Dubai apps.

In no particular order.

  1. Careem. This local Uber, now owned by Uber. Use to hail local taxis, private cars, cars with child seats, vans/people movers, and limousines.
  2. Uber. Everybody has the Uber app, but it would be unusual to use Uber over Careem. Use this when the Careem app doesn't work.
  3. Washmen. Laundry as a Service! Leave a dirty bag of laundry outside your door and it will be returned the next day clean and folded. This is life changing.
  4. Justmop. Cleaning as a Service! Home cleaning charged per hour.
  5. Dubizzle. The local classifieds. Use Dubizzle to find apartments and used cars.
  6. Talabat. 24/7 food delivery.
  7. Deliveroo. - 24/7 food delivery when Talabat doesn’t have the restaurant
  8. McDelivery. When you want a McFlurry at 3 AM.
  9. eKar. Car rental per-minute, per-hour, per-day, per-week, of per-month.
  10. Cafu. Petrol as a Service. If your car is parked outside, Cafu will fill it up at night for you.
  11. WhatsApp. The whole country runs on WhatsApp. Even my local minimart uses WhatsApp for home delivery orders.
  12. The Entertainer. 2 for 1 restaurant vouchers. For many restaurants, there’s tourist price (normal price) and local price (half price).
  13. Noon. The local Amazon/online grocery.
  14. Carrefour. When Noon doesn't have what you want.
Essential government apps.

Signup for UAE Pass first as this app provides single sign on for most government services. You'll need a valid Emirates ID to use these apps.
  1. ALHOSN. The Covid-19 vaccination passport and test verification.
  2. DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). Required to connect/disconnect electricity and water in Dubai. Also the easiest way to pay your bill.
  3. DHA (Dubai Health Authority). If you ever need to go to hospital it’ll save you time. Use this to book a COVID-19 test or vaccine.
  4. Dubai Police. Use to check for speeding fines.
  5. GDRFA Dubai. Use to check your visa status.
  6. RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). Use to pay for parking and top up your Nol (public transport) card.
  7. SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services). This can also be used to book a COVID-19 test or vaccine, even if you're on a Dubai visa.
  8. UAE Pass. Single sign on for most government services.
VoIP apps.

Collaboration apps that work reliably.
  1. Google Meet. This is a good product, I expect Google to discontinue it at any moment.
  2. Microsoft Teams. For the corporate cubicle warriors.
  3. Zoom. The most common collaboration app.