Monday, February 21, 2011

Non-VI workload detected on the datastore

VMware excel at providing vague error messages! I received the error message Non-VI workload detected on the datastore. 

Non-VI workload detected on datastore

This is a precautionary error message and can be safely ignored. VMware have a KB article describing the causes of it. The KB article lists the following situations that cause the error:

  • The host is running in an unsupported configuration.
  • The storage array is performing a system operation such as replication or RAID reconstruction.
  • VMware Consolidated Backup or vStorage APIs for Data Protection are accessing a snapshot on the datastore for backup purposes.
  • The storage media (spindles, SSD) on which this datastore is located is shared with volumes used by non-vSphere workloads

There’s one missing though: if you have a storage system that uses an RDM gatekeeper, you will receive this error message. An RDM gatekeeper LUNs are a special type of LUN used by storage systems to enable communication with a host (these are similar to Hitachi Command Devices). RDM gatekeeper LUNs are attached to virtual machines as Mapped Raw LUNs. An example of this is below.

Virtual Machine Properties screen which shows Mapped Raw LUNs

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