Thursday, August 23, 2012

50% VMware VCP 5 exam voucher for Australia and New Zealand non-VCPs!

If you're a VMware professional who has sat the VMware ICM (Install, Configure Manage) course but hasn't certified on VMware 5, why the heck not?!

VMware voucher ANZH65VCP5 - 50% off!

Now is the perfect time to certify! Get 50% off your exam by using the voucher code ANZH56VCP5. The exam usually costs $230.00. I'm no mathematician, but that's at least a $27.83 saving!

Don't put it off for any longer: go to the Pearson VUE VMware login page and register for the exam. If you're certified for VMware 4, don't get certified for VMware 5 and get certified for VMware 6, you'll have also certified how lazy you were!

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