Monday, January 12, 2015

Errors installing VMware ESXi dump collector: it's probably your complex password!

The VMware ESXi dump collector installer has some vague error messages.

Error 1: Login failed due to a bad user name or password.

"Login probably failed due to a bad user name or password" would
be a more accurate error message.

  • The username is incorrect.I'm assuming you've verified the username and password are correct. If you haven't done this, try logging into Windows with the credentials and see if they are valid.
  • The user account does not permission in vCenter.Ensure the user account has permissions in vCenter. For the duration of troubleshooting, you may wish to give the user account administrative access. If you look at the netdump-reg-debug.txt file, you can see the following error.

    ERROR:ndreg-app:error: cannot connect to VC -- (vim.fault.NoPermission) {
       dynamicType = <unset>,
       dynamicProperty = (vmodl.DynamicProperty) [],
       msg = 'Permission to perform this operation was denied.',
       faultCause = <unset>,
       faultMessage = (vmodl.LocalizableMessage) [],
       object = 'vim.Folder:group-d1',
       privilegeId = 'System.View'
  • Your password contains the special character "VMware haven't escaped parameters correctly. Remove the " from your password and try again.

Error 2: Error 29457. A specified parameter was not correct.

Of the 30,000 error messages, I received error 29457.


  • Your password contains the character ;Fool me once, shame on you. If you look at the vminst.txt log file, you'll see something like

    esxiInstUtil: 01/12/15 13:06:12 ExecuteCmd::Cmd:  --register --address "vc.cloudlab.local" --user "svcvmwaredump@cloudlab.local" --password "*****" -s "vUq<~[" --thumbprint "C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware ESXi Dump Collector\vmconfig-netdump.xml"

    The passwords I use are generated by a password management tool, which makes long non-sensical passwords with lots of special characters like !@#$%^&*();. Unfortunately, VMware haven't properly escaped the password field so installation will fail if the password contains the character ;

    In this case, my password was JI@$QH$7*@eie$Hhg8;vUq<~[. The installer thinks my password is JI@$QH$7*@eie$Hhg8, ignored the ;  and has left the vUq<~[ dangling.

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