Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Excel formula for calculating stamp duty in Western Australia (WA), Australia (that'd be where Perth is)

If you want to buy property in Western Australia, it's helpful to understand stamp duty liability.

Location of Perth, according to CNN.

This formula replicates the WA Department of Finance stamp duty calculator. It assumes you're an Australian citizen, aren't eligible for concessions, and are purchasing a residential property.

However, the stamp duty calculator rounds to the nearest 100. Hence, a $1000 property will have the same liability as a $1099 property. Here's another formula that calculates liability exactly, as per the WA schedule of rates

Pick whichever one makes your wildest property fantasies come true. I hope it goes without saying that you should test an Excel formula you found on the internet before making actual financial decisions. It is entirely possible for the WA government to change the stamp duty rates 3 seconds after you read this blog post.

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