Thursday, November 4, 2010

Unzipping ISOs with WinZip? Bad Idea! Microsoft Expression Studio Setup error

One of my new year goals has been to learn a new programming language. Having been on the infrastructure side of IT, I haven’t had to program on a daily basis since university. I downloaded the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Studio 4 to get back in the programming groove, but nothing in IT is that simple! Upon trying to install ES, I received the following error message:

"Setup encountered an error: An attempt was made to load an assembly from a network location which would have caused the assembly to be sandboxed in previous versions of the .NET Framework. This release of the .NET Framework does not enable CAS policy by default, so this load may be dangerous. If this load is not intended to sandbox the assembly, please enable the loadFromRemoteSources switch. See for more information."


To make a long story short, it isn’t Microsoft’s fault! I had downloaded The Expression Studio ISO from MSDN and unzipped it with WinZip. Turns out there is a bug in WinZip’s support for ISO files: if you attempt to extract an ISO with WinZip, the output will become corrupted. This doesn’t just apply to Expression Web: I’ve encountered this problem unzipping SQL Server 2008 R2, ANSYS 12 and countless other products.

The solution is to either burn the ISO to CD (a waste of disc), extract the ISO using another program (such as WinRAR), or mounting the ISO as a drive using DaemonTools or PowerISO (both have freeware editions).

In the future, Microsoft should consider delivering their client software as MSI bundles or WIMs, similar to how Apple distribute software in Disk Image (DMG) format. This way, they control the package distribution end-to-end without need for third party extraction tools.

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