Tuesday, June 14, 2011

iiNet and AFACT

From ZDNet, 2 June 2011: Content owners don't back AFACT

If true, it's a welcome change. The fact that copyright infringement of “Hollywood” (AFACT) films occurs should not necessitate or compel imposing an obligation upon ISPs to become unpaid “Hollywood” copyright police, merely because they feel something must be done to stop the infringements.  As AFACT have chosen to redefine civil copyright breach as “theft” (their chosen name!), let them fund their own civil copyright theft police. They cannot expect the law (which until now has recognised no positive obligation on any person to protect the copyright of another) to impose commercially burdensome obligations upon an industry that is lawfully providing a communication service.  

Disclosure: I have been a happy iiNet customer for 8 years.

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